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Hi! Welcome to my website. I'm Vir, a senior in Syracuse University's Bandier Program for Recording and Entertainment Industries. I have always had a deep passion for music and a recently developed curiosity that drives me to explore various aspects of the industry.

At university, I am studying and learning about the ins and outs of the music industry. We learn about the history, as well as it's current state, to get a good understanding of where it is headed. I am also very involved in different scenes around Syracuse. There is a vibrant DIY Independent scene where I am an active member as a musician in the band, Studio89, and with other artists such as Picture Us Tiny. Additionally, I work part-time as a sound engineer in the on-campus studio. My work and understanding of sound engineering also allow me to help out different DIY venues during their events.

My diverse background and experiences have shaped my artistic journey. I was born in India and lived there until I was 10 years old, before moving to Singapore until the end of high school. I have always had a love for Rock music (Alternative, Pop-Punk, Grunge, etc.) and since moving away from home I have grown an interest in connecting back to my roots and using diverse influences when I write.

Aside from music, I enjoy exploring and embracing new cultures. Studying in the US exposed me more to Western music and culture, further enriching my global perspective. I also studied abroad in Spain during the Fall of 2023, which grew my perspective due to the different cultures in Europe, as well as the exposure to a very international group of students in Madrid.

Thank you for visiting my website, where I share my creative endeavors and projects. Stay updated with my latest ventures by following me on Instagram @virbobbatra and my band @studio89band. Hopefully as my skills in coding improve, so will this site :)

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